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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we know OCBA beef is Oklahoma Certified?
    Cattle enrolled in the OCBA program are certified via an affidavit system. Producers sign off that their cattle meet requirements, then have a knowledgeable third party sign conformation for each stage. This third-party verifier can be a veterinarian, processor, lender, etc. If a verifier is familiar with the entire operation, they may sign for all four stages. Alternatively, different verifiers may sign for different stages. For example, a veterinarian can verify that an operation's cattle are bred, born and raised in Oklahoma, and a processor can verify that the animals are processed within the state. Finally, the affidavit must be notarized by a public notary. Cattle may be certified under a single affidavit annually, or may be certified individually on multiple affidavits.
  • What do producers get with their membership?
    AFR Cooperative created the OCBA to unify producers of Oklahoma Certified Beef under one label and assist them with direct marketing efforts. OCBA members have exclusive access to the OCBA logo package, as well as the added benefit of the association's industry connections and marketing efforts statewide. OCBA provides members with either a digital seal to be printed directly onto their packaging or a sticker label to be added later.
  • How do you join the OCBA?
    The OCBA is open exclusively to AFR Cooperative members. All current AFR Insurance policyholders are active Cooperative members. Any interested non-members can join the Cooperative through annual membership dues of $35. Beyond AFR membership, there are two OCBA levels. An annual membership $40 per years allows certification of up to 40 head of cattle per year. Additional cattle may be certified at $1 per head at any time. A lifetime membership of $1,000 allows certification of an unlimited number of cattle each year. Contact the OCBA administrator at 405-218-5597 for additional information.
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